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BLISS Artistries

A Form of Expression: You MATTER, You're LOVED 

BLISS Artistries is a form of expression. A way to be an ARTIST. I sell and create content💚💙🧡❤️💛



Where Authors, Singers, Dancers and ALL are SHOWCASED


Be apart of the WONDERFUL WORLD that's ARTISTRY. More importantly, an ARTISTRY that's YOU! 

I want to showcase your talents and allow you to be apart of BLISS Artistries. Email me for more information :-) 

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Trevor Wells

Film Blogger who writes for Vocal Media.

I'm a film blogger who writes for Vocal Media. I started this movie blog when I was in college, and over time, it's grown into something I'm fiercely passionate about. I started out reviewing Lifetime movies but have branched out into other made-for-TV movies, indie features, and anything else that captures my interest.

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An Artists Movement

Dance Major at Metro State University. Artist and entrepreneurial by nature. I am interested in social and cultural impact through the dialogue from the vulnerable creation of art. My ultimate aspiration is to build a life around the community, driven by expression, focused on local transformation and inspiring, encouraging, embracing, and encompassing—a life of dance & amplifying art. 

Also, have a group podcast called Worthy Women Movement dedicated to women. Click the WWM Podcast tab below to listen. Don't forget to check out my Instagram to keep up with the journey that's EXPRESSION. 

IG: @Amplifyyourheart



Published Work 

Been writing since I was four or five years old, and it's been a passion of mine ever since. I also love to help people and my community the best I know how while lifting and encouraging others in their passions.

I’ve put together a carefully curated selection of my latest and most influential pieces. Here are my published books I've worked on.

Drawn to You

September 2019

Our thirteenth wedding anniversary was approaching; who knew that this would be the last time I'd see him... or hear him say he loves me. My lover, my boss: Nikolai Grimm formally known as Gael Matthews Ortiz-Ivanov a sociopath killer; killed the one man I ever loved: my husband Sebastian.


Nov. 2020

A collection of true stories told by women who have struggled with the truth that’s “PERFECTION.”