Final BLISS Artistries 30 May

BLISS Artistries

A Form of Expression: You MATTER, You're LOVED 

BLISS Artistries is a form of expression. A way to be an ARTIST. I sell and create content




Where Authors, Singers, Dancers are showcased 

Be part of the wonderful world that's ARTISTRY! More importantly, an ARTISTRY that's YOU! 
I want to showcase your talent and be apart of what is BLISS Artistries.


1 Month

For one month you can be featured. Have Every other week get a Facebook Post and notice for your work. Alongside TikTok and a tweet on Twitter. Including 1 photo of ART


2 Months

For two months get posted bi-weekly on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok alongside 2 photos of ART. Also, mentioned on the MADDHATTER podcast. Including a SIGNED copy of IMpERFecTIoNS.


3 Months

For three months get posted every other five days on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok alongside 3 photos of ART. Also, mentioned on the MADDHATTER podcast, and a exclusive interview with COLORLINES Podcast: topic of your choice and a signed copy of IMpERFecTIoNS & Through the Looking Glass: Acceptance in Numbers



Published Work 

Been writing since I was four or five years old, and it's been a passion of mine ever since. I also love to help people and my community the best I know how while lifting and encouraging others in their passions.

I’ve put together a carefully curated selection of my latest and most influential pieces. Here are my published books I've worked on.



Nov. 2020

A collection of true stories told by women who have struggled with the truth that’s “PERFECTION.”