Successful Collaborations: Expressing YOUR ARTISTRY, YOUR WAY!

Booking an appointment for any service is easy! All you do is click the "BOOK NOW" button and schedule an appointment with whoever you're meeting, but sometimes things can get a bit messy, and things don't always go as planned. 

Hi there, I am looking for clients of ALL ARTISTS to work with, whether it be singing, dancing, creating, painting, etc... I want to lift people and show their true potential by being that SUPPORT they need. 

I offer a service called Learn2WRITE. Learn2WRITE is teaching people how to write a book in n two sessions for $100. Each season is 1 hour each. 

With the $100 it will cover the first session covers this: 

1. In the first sessions, you tell me what YOU want!

•Set up a WEEKLY schedule
• Book Ideas

AND!... the second session covers this: 

In the second session, we plan out YOUR BOOK, and it's STEPS! 😁😁😁😁😁

• What's YOUR BOOK about
•Plot Structure
• Creating a schedule

IF INTERESTED! Please message me. I'd love to connect with you and start something beautiful because YOU MATTER and YOU'RE LOVED!

Contact me of you want to be a CLIENT! 

I'm  LOOKING FOR SERIOUS people are willing to be clients and are SERIOUS about wanting to express their ARTISTRY! I offer a Learn2WRITE service for 2 sessions for $100 and I'd love to know if you're interested to please contact me.