BLISS Artistries

Hey everyone!

Welcome to BLISS Artistries!

A LOT as happened since my last post. I decided to turn MRK Styles in a NEW BRAND: BLISS Artistries.

BLISS Artistries is similar to MRK Styles but with brand new system, and name. I'll still be writing and posting new stories alongside publishing my books, but I'll be adding NEW IDEAS and talking about how WE as a community can make it better. I want to make a change and be apart of something more than me. I want to give back and have an impact on the world.

Nothing can get done unless you do something about it.

I believe as a people we can make a change and really prove to others that there's something to show.

I recently filled for my LLC for BLISS Artistries and will be adding new and improved changes.

This is bigger than me, you, all of us combined.


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