Know This... Black Is Beautiful

Know This... Beautiful IS Beautiful. You are enough even when you feel you're at your lowest. Your beauty is what makes you, you. Your ARTISTRY is what shines brighter than the sun. No one can tell you otherwise. Black Is Beautiful no matter what you look like, or how you sound. No one can take your shine. Your talents, your ARTISTRY deserves to be put on a peddle stool. Find your VOICE! your PASSION! Make yourself known, be heard, and be seen. Don't stop believing in yourself and others. Stand by your values and self-worth.

Don't be judged by the color of your skin. Know that you matter, and you're loved. Love yourself, and where you come from. Understand the BEAUTY that's BLACK! Understand the BEAUTY of YOU! Find the strength to hold on and never give up on your VISION to be better, knowledge is POWER and power is strength. We are the FUTURE, we are the LIGHT that shines through the darkness and makes the world shine brighter. We may feel like giving up when times are tough, but COMMUNITY is everything, and knowing where we come from speaks VOLUMES in our character, and ourselves. Love yourself, be free. Know your worth and that you matter. Don't let no one take your shine and POWER!

It's hard going through life with your head hung low and you feel like you're not noticed by

those who truly see you. For as long as I can remember we've been silenced by those that have POWER over us, feel as if we don't matter, or as if we don't have a VOICE! I want to say NO MORE! and take the POWER back and RAISE YOUR VOICE and use your STRENGTH to push through the hard times. Life is a journey and hardship. We fight, we push ourselves to the highest limit. We know who we are and we make it known to let others know we can make a DIFFERENCE, make a CHANGE, and know it'll be alright at the end of the day.

Community makes people grow and come together. It unites us in our darkest hour and makes others feel like they have a chance to contribute. Love and Acceptance fill the soul from within and moves us to do better. There's no rule book on how to be yourself and love who you are. We tend to forget we are the QUEENS of our generation. We inspire young minds, and others to know who we are and know that we matter. Our talents won't go unnoticed, or unheard. We push ourselves to work hard and try to make a change. Hatred and violence don't go far. We need to learn how to grow, and spread peace all around wherever we go.

Know This... Black IS Beautiful A Form of Expression. A way to be different and free. Loving yourself, your body, and everything thing that makes you unique. It's apart of your culture, your background. YOUR roots. Hiding who you are makes it different to be yourself around your family and friends and those you hold dear. It's hard to express and understand that your beauty makes a HUGE different from someone who doesn't know there worth. Embracing your strengths and weakness to grasp the importance of SELF!

BEAUTY comes in different shapes sizes. Once you know your worth the world and more things are bound to change. People say that they don't like change because they fear it'll change who they are on the inside, but what they are most afraid of is knowing the truth about themselves. Society thrives on how we treat people and how we act around one another. We are drawn by smoke and mirrors that we forget the importance: OURSELVES. If we don't love ourselves how will we grow? And if we don't grow, how will we learn to LOVE others?

ART is another way to express how you feel; people do it all the time. It doesn't matter whether it's singing, dancing, or ART: simply painting, or journaling however you express yourself it's apart of any ARTISTRY you see fits. Setting a foundation for your life is important because it helps you know who you'll be in the future. I'm the QUEEN of my own destination and soon you will be too. It's taken me years to accept who I am, and even though I've still got lots to learn I've realized that I have time to make a difference.

I believe that everyone born on this earth has a PURPOSE in life. It can be anything. I've realized my purpose is helping those that need it and being there for people matters to me and knowing that they are loved and cared for and loved brings me joy and happiness.

Know This... Black IS Beautiful no matter how you look at it we all matter and we're all loved.

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