Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Hey, all my fellow ARTISTS!


MINI SHORT STORY FRIHeDAYS happen every other Friday where I write to you., Each short story holds meaning and I want to share my craft. Today's mini short story I wrote a page called LOLITA.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 1

Feels like I’m going down a dark path since he’s no longer with me. I have nightmares almost every night. Sometimes I wake up in a pool of sweat; heart races ten milliseconds, and I can’t breathe. I can’t think straight. It’s like he’s controlling me from within. Every time I close my eyes, I feel his hands trace up my skin like strumming a harp when swaying side to side to the beat of his every move, but I don’t follow his rules the way he wants me to. He makes me want him when I don’t. He makes me need him when I’m lonely.

I’m always lonely.

He’s Sól Maverick. Tall, light-skinned, the most gorgeous man on the planet, and he’s half my age. He warned me to stay away from him, but I wouldn’t listen.

Why didn’t I listen?

He’s the devil incarnate. He’s Lucifer. He’s the one I can’t get enough of when I close my eyes to sleep. He invades my dreams like a title wave, roaming over my subconscious as if I don’t know he’s there already. Sól’s apart of me now, and I can’t seem to escape his touch, his scent, him. I mean, why would I? I’m only sixteen. I have nothing going for me, no future, no one to claim as my own. My mother died when I was six, and I never knew my father. All I had was my Mima, my dads’ moms.

By the time I was seven, she had begun growing ill, and I already knew how to take care of myself and her. My uncle, Shawn, hated kids. He married his wife, but they soon divorced because she wanted children and he didn’t, so seeing me around the house when he was there at times made things feel intense. He’d come around to help pay finances and occasionally help fix things, but that was it. He’d look at me with disgust, and by the time I turned thirteen, I began to develop. I began developing breasts, got my period, and a lot of things that annoyed me, I found interest in. When I was fourteen, my uncle stayed over one night to watch Mima, and he was out of his mind frantic and reeked of booze. He had a few friends over who was a bit deranged; well, one of them: Allen. I went to bed early one night, and when I woke up, his hand was down my panties, and the other covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream.

I lay there for what felt like a century. I closed my eyes to forget about the pain, but after a few minutes, it felt easier, and as the years went on, I grew into this person I hardly knew. It was exhilarating. I was a bit of a wild card of sorts when I got older like I was a teen. I’d do drugs, have sex twice my age and run away with said guys to just get attention, and I don’t mean that I a bad way, the kind of way, but the kind you’d expect from a whore, or exotic dancer. Then, I met, Sól Maverick a man of danger, sex appeal, and knows what he wants and who, but he didn’t want me

He wanted her

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