Slave to HIM

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Welcome BACK to MINI SHORT STORY FRIDAYS where I write to you, a short story. Each holds meaning and I want to share my craft. Today's mini short story I wrote a page called Slave to HIM.

This is part of a 4 part book series. Here's the prologue so, I hope you enjoy it.

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The Assemble.. an organization I’ve been accustomed to; since I was thirteen years old. I’m twenty-five and seem to lost my way. I’m a slave to the masters; they’ve molded me into the type of person I’ve become. Trained me into becoming someone I hardly recognize. The thing about the assemble; an organization where they take only females, seek out those that are different from the rest, those that have unique abilities and true potential to really shine and stand out. They take you when you’re five, and you’re accustomed to their lifestyle by the time you’re thirteen. They manipulate you into believing they’re the good guys when in actuality, they’re the worst of the worse. Many people have tried to escape, over seventy-five female deaths have occurred in the past month.

Many fail to realize what they’re willing to risk if they don’t make it.

The Assemble is run by Creed McAllister. Fifty-five-year-old Italian man. Slim, built in the shoulders, has a rugged look, a round shape face with a beard fit to match. Dark brown eyes, and walks with a limp. He’s relatively handsome but ruthless. He owns over half a billion dollars in trade, marketing off women for his own personal gain. Sales young girls and women to the highest bidder and profits off at least 25%. The people that work for him get a small percentage off the top if they market the girls they capture. If you don’t get sold by the time you’re eighteen, Creed either tells his men to take care of it, or he lets you go; but that’s more than likely. Most of the young women that aren’t sold end up dead.

I was sold at fifteen; to an older gentleman half my age. He stood tall, about six three; muscular, athletic. He had dark brown eyes, had stubble around his mouth and chin. He bought me for three-hundred million dollars; told me I was worth every penny spent.

His name; Kendric Busca, a wealthy known billionaire with a dark side. I was his sixth purchase within two years. There were others before me, but no one seems to know where they are. Maybe he let them go? Kendric Busca was extremely handsome, so no doubt, I was attracted to him. He had money, a mansion, and David; his servant, that’s worked for him since he was my age. He owned his own restaurant business; he managed on occasion called: Marbella’s. He’d be away most weekdays, and every Saturday around three pm, he’s in his office. He’s a businessman and a very successful one at that.

The mansion was three stories tall. The outside was modern, with a wooden patio surfaced around the fence. A three-bedroom, three-bath. About twice the size of my regular apartment, I shared with my roommate Katya. A massive yard with a rose garden, tented by David; his servant. On the first floor, was David’s headquarters on the left side of the room, alongside an eating bar and a massive kitchen with granite tops. White-tiled floors with an Island that circled around the center of it. Then, there were spiral stairs that curved all the way up to his floor. I lived on the second story floor of his mansion, with my own kitchen, living room, and bathroom. All were designed to his liking, and everything was exact, except for his floor. He had an office space secluded to the right of his bedroom that no one was allowed into, not even David.

Within the first year of being with Busca, I did chores, cleaned up the stables, cooked his meals, and did everything he wanted. He didn’t keep me locked away, or anything like that. I was simply his prisoner, and he, my master.

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