“One, Two, Three…


One, Two, Three…


My thoughts take control of all my senses as I trail off into the abyss.

I don’t understand how I could be this nervous.

I’ve done this a thousand times with men before, so how could I be this nervous?

He was paying me a considerable amount; just to keep him company, so why was it this hard to stay focus?

“Just remember to breathe…”

“Right… One, Two, Three…”


“Are you almost ready?” I say.

I lay back on the bed wearing black laced lingerie, a bra and panties to match. The straps fell to the sides, as I played with them like a naughty schoolgirl waiting for her master to arrive—to punish me.

Oh, how I longed to be spanked, choked, and bound.

How I yearned to be touched in that forbidden place; that’s called EVE’S GARDEN. To be my master’s capture and disobey him so he’d have to take control of my needs, my wants, my desires of wanting to be his. All I know about the client is his name, and what he does.

He owns his own real estate on Wiliamia and Foxworth across from some construction site being built next to the place I work.

The FoxTail.

I’ve worked at The FoxTail for over eight years. They call me Everly, but my name’s Elizabeth Hemsworth. The way The FoxTail works is my boss; Thomas Skyler has four wealthy bachelors lined up for us his Minx he calls us that because it’s a play-on word for Fox. I’m not sure, I just roll with it. He chooses his top four best girls selected, and he places these wealthy men at random with us, to either please them, keep them company for a night or two, or simply just talk, but that hardly ever happens. While waiting for the client, I decided to read up on his file.

The client’s name was Jack Irving. Single, never married, around his late thirties, well dressed, and manages to have any woman he desires.

Green eyes, he’s AB negative, no priors, he’s six-foot-three, and most importantly he’s clean. Jack Irving is bilingual; he speaks five different languages and prefers to speak French. There are rules to The FoxTail, both the clients, and employees have to follow. Rule 1: You have to have a code name to keep the lives of each client confidential, and the code name that he goes by was Pip Finnick. Pip? Rule 2: NO, KISSING! It’s too intimate, and personally. The clients, you serve as an employer, can’t fall in love with you, or else you’re simply TERMINATED from the pact, and Rule 3: You CANNOT GIVE/RECEIVE ANY GIFTS from the clients. It goes against the policy rule two. Falling in love is a fools-tail, and leaves you heartbroken and alone. I cocked my head to one side with an eyebrow raised curiously; starring at a photo of him wearing a white Tee and dark blue denim, with his hand resting on his belt buckle cocking his head to the side as if he was in a TOP MODEL photo shoot. He has jet black hair spiked to one side, and his other hand had his hand running through the top few strains as he smiled; showing off his pearly-whites.

He was exceptionally handsome.

I stared at the photo some more as I was intrigued by his beauty. His jawline was strong, and he had stubble around his face and up the sides. He had such beautiful eyes, so green. I traced my finger across where his eyes were, and settle down lower into the comforter, spread my legs, release the flap of my lingerie and circle my clit. One-touch from my nub, and it sent me into a frenzy, I couldn’t explain. I was already ready for Pip, and so aroused I bit down on my bottom lip to hold back the gasp that hung in the back of my throat. I continued to circle my clit clockwise, then counter-clockwise as the sensation burned within me. I could feel the climax of my release as I held back a moan.

“Need a hand there, Everly?” says Pip as he steps out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

I stopped dead in my tracks after his voice carries over the walls of the room we were in. With my hand still pressing on my clit: which was throbbing tremendously, and my eyes closed shut. I could hear my heart beating out its chest as I tried to act normal. I slowly opened up my eyes seeing a tall, silhouette of a man, with muscles bigger than Adonis, blurry at first, but as he strutted forward towards the bed, taking the file from my hands; his towel dropped to the floor as he climbed on top of me. Our lips were mere from touching each other as I could feel his heart beating. It was beating faster than mine—he was trembling almost hovering over me like a skylight.

I wasn’t nervous anymore… Breathe, Everly, breathe…

One, Two, Three…

One, Two, Three…

Our eyes locked. My arm swooped over Finniks’ neck as I drew him in for a kiss.

Big Mistake….

I broke one of my rules, but I couldn't help it.

My body was screaming for his touch, to explore me—all of me. From the crease of my neck to my navel; all the way down until my toes curled. What I wasn’t expecting, was for Pip to kiss me back. His lips devoured over mine as he swooped me in closer to his chest. I let out a slight gasp. Finnick growled, like a caged animal that had just been freed from the zoo. He sucked more and more of my breath into his kissing me all over. My head arched back as I moaned his name seamlessly; it was as if the gates to heaven opened, and doves flew out after you hear wedding bells to the chapel rang. It ruptured our ears as he slid in between my legs and inserted his long length into me.

That’s what broke me.

He was throbbing inside my tight slickness. I tried all of me not to scream. I used one of my hands to cover my both as he thrust inside—hitting my walls so perfectly. My knees buckled, and I heaved. The headboard rocked with us as he dived deeper. I sucked in a breath that left a sharp pain in my chest as tears welled up my eyes. I was close—too close.

“Fuck,” I whimpered.

“Say, it again amour,” Pip whispers to me.

“Viens pour moi bébé….” he countined but in French.

“What did you say,” I said, looking up at him.

“I said, come for me baby,” he left trails of kisses down the side of my neck sending chills through my body that were unexplainable.

I clench onto the back of his neck as sweat beaded down his face as he began to go faster. We were in unison with our grunts, moans and sighs; time passed us by, and by an hour and a half, he was passed out next to me. He laid on his back with the sheets covering the lower half of his body. His ripped abs glistened as the dim light hung above us swung back and forth like a pendulum. His chest rose up, and down in slow movements as his breathing steadied his heartbeat. I watched him for I barely sleep due to all the nightmare I experienced throughout the night.

I smiled, once I realized, I had fallen for him.

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